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Cost Effective

The direct costs of payroll processing can be greatly deduced by working with an efficient payroll provider. Moreover, cost saving for the company on outsourcing payroll processing is extremely significant and it can go up to 500% at times also.

Hassle Free

Free yourself from updating tax tables, submitting reports and making payments etc. By outsourcing payroll, you can free yourself from such woes.

Save your Time

Management can now focus more on dealing with pivotal business issues instead of the nitty gritty issues. This in turn help in saving time and energy which can be utilized for better use.


Our smart dashboard guides you through every single step. Just like your virtual personal assistant it remembers important dates for you, and ensures that your monthly payroll is well taken care of..


Units or Establishments that have 10 or more employees, drawing the wages of up to Rs.15,000 a month are required to be registered for ESIC under the ESI Act 1948.

The statutory compliance requirement for ESI deduction is as follows:

ESI fund, maintained by ESIC,  is applicable to employees earning Rs 15,000 or less per month to provide the cash and medical benefits to them and their families. This fund is a contributory fund in which both the employer and employee contribute 4.75% and 1.75% respectively to make it a total of 6.5%.

For ESI calculation, the salary comprises of all the monthly payable amounts such as basic pay, dearness allowance, city compensatory allowance, HRA, incentive allowance, attendance bonus, meal allowance and incentive bonus. The salary, however, does not include annual bonus, retrenchment compensation, encashment of leave and gratuity.

EPF/PF :Employee Provident Fund( provident fund ) is a retirement benefit scheme that is available to salaried
employees.Stipulated amount (currently 12%) is deducted from the employee's salary and contributed towards the fund.

The employer also contributes an equal amount to the fund.

For EPF calculation, the salary comprises of monthly basic pay &  dearness allowance.

Payroll Services

  • Preparation of payroll
  • Employee assessment & appraisal systems
  • Preparation of salary slips
  • Maintenance of salary register
  • Preparation & filing of various returns under social security, Insurance, Tax & employment legislation
  • Deduction & timely deposit of various statutory & Tax deductions
  • Management reporting
  • Payment Instructions
  • Registrations, Permissions & approvals
  • Other payroll formalities concerning local fiscal authority & employment agencies
  • Tax efficient salary structure
  • Administration of Commissions, Incentive, Bonus Payment & reimbursement of staff expenses
  • Administration of Pension Schemes & Private Health Insurance

Labour Law services

  • Professional Tax
  • Shop and Establishment Registration
  • EPF Related Matters
  • ESIC Related Matters

For EPF & ESI Registration Documents to  be submitted

  1. PAN Card Of Proprietor, Directors, Partners
  2. Pan Card of entity (except Proprietorship Firm)
  3. Photo Identity Proof of Proprietor, Directors, Partners
  4. Address Prrof of office premises
  5. Bank Statement for Last two months
  6. Registration Certificate
  7. Existing Tax (Indirect Tax) Registration Certificate (If Any)
  8. Passport Photo of Authorised Person
  9. Rent agreement of premises
  10. Cancelled Cheque
  11. Trade Licence/ Registration
  12. List of Employees along with Fathers Name, Date of Birth ,PAN,Bank A/C Details, Family Members Name along with age, DOB, Address

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